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FlatClean™ is a USDA approved, all-purpose polyurethane flat belt reinforced with Kevlar­® tensile members.
The combination of a non-fraying polyurethane jacket material with sealed tensile members minimizes belt stretch,
reduces retensioning and extends belt life. These belts are particularly well suited for standard to high loads
or any cleated belts.

FlatClean FC9 belting is made using a coextrusion process that allows for two different resin hardnesses:

  • Bottom of belt has a harder durometer urethane for greater abrasion resistance
  • Top of belt has a softer urethane for better product retention and improved wrap around smaller diameter pulleys
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PosiClean vs. plastic modular

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Product Features

  • Sealed edges and tension members prevent ingress of microbes
  • Kevlar­® tension members provide high strength, low stretch
  • Thickness controlled to exacting tolerances
  • Smooth surface allows cleaning to a microbiological level
  • Urethane material compatible with wash down environments 
  • Oil resistant

Application Characteristics

  • Reduction of in-process bacteria growth
  • Longer belt life due to minimal belt stretch
  • Reduced down time due to sanitation and belt failures
Food Grade Flat Belt Used in Candy Manufacturing

 FlatClean Specifications
 Belt Options     FC12   FC9
 Designator     FC12 FC12IP   FC9IPR
 Surface Finish   Top Smooth Inverted Pyramid   Smooth
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