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Self Tracking Belts
Integral Self Tracking Belt

Notched V Guide – Allows Maximum Flexibility

Gates Mectrol self tracking timing belts have all the capabilities of standard urethane timing belts but utilize guides to eliminate any lateral movement. Our range of specially designed urethane V guides are notched along belt length to provide optimum flexibility around pulleys.

Gates Mectrol produces V-guided belts in two constructions:

Arrow Down Fabricated - any of four V-guides can be added to any pitch belt in any width, length combination

Arrow Down Integral - the V-guide is integrally molded to specific belt pitches for greater strength and consistency.

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Product Features

  • V-guides can be added to virtually any of our belts, eliminating the need for flanged pulleys                                 
  • Notched construction for extra flexibility around tight belt paths                                 
  • Produced with the same durable urethane as the base belt                                 
  • Different sizes available to serve any application requirement                                 
  • Integrally produced with the belt for durability or fabricated to fit onto our existing belts

Applications Characteristics

  • Long length conveying or linear positioning where tracking is an issue                                 
  • Conveying applications where pulley flanges are not acceptable                                 
  • Reduce or eliminate any belt "wander" by providing continuous guiding along conveyor length

Our standard pulleys may be easily modified to include specific bores, keyways and setscrews. Custom pulley work may include self-tracking features, special materials and plating. We also offer special pitches upon request to accommodate high precision, zero-backlash applications.

Fabricated V-Guides
Self Tracking Fabricated Belts

Integral V-Guides
Self Tracking Integral BeltsSelf Tracking Integral Belts

Integral V-Guides              
    T5V T10VS T10V AT5V ATL5V AT10V HV
Min. Welded Belt Length inch             36
mm 920 900 900 900 N/A 950  
Standard Roll Length feet             200
meters 100 100 100 100 100 100  
Standard Slitting Lanes inch             1
mm 25 25 25 25 25 25  
All roll lengths are +/- 1%              
Width Tolerances
Width T5V T10VS T10V AT5V ATL5V AT10V HV
Up to 50mm / Up to 2" +/- 0.5mm +/- 0.5mm +/- 0.5mm +/- 0.5mm +/- 0.5mm +/-0.75mm +/-0.020 in
>50 - 100mm / >2" -4" +/-0.75mm N/A +/-0.75mm N/A N/A +/-1.0mm +/-0.030 in
>100mm - 150mm / >4" - 6" N/A N/A +/-0.75mm N/A N/A +/-1.0mm +/-0.030 in

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