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Truly Endless Belts

Truly Endless Belts


F-Series S-Series Belts

Both Synchro-Power® and Flex Belts are helically wound  

Certain power transmission and high performance positioning applications require more strength and stiffness than a welded belt can provide.

Gates Mectrol offers two types of truly endless belts to meet these needs.

  • Flex Belts - custom lengths 2500 mm (9") to 12500 mm (492").
    Unique process provides the flexibility to have custom sized belts without expensive tooling.  Produced with steel reinforcing cords and the same tough urethane as Gates Mectrol’s standard linear belts

 Flex Belt Specifications 2500 mm to 12500 mm 
Arrow Down Flex Belt Widths

  • Gates Synchro-Power® Cast Belts - available up to 2250 mm.
    Produced on fixed molds and have a continuously wound steel or aramid cord. They are available in stock sizes with aramid as well as steel reinforcing cords.

 Gates Synchro-Power® Belt Specifications up to 2250 mm
 Gates Synchro-Power® Belt Lengths and Widths

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Product Features

  • Helically wound cords for high strength, truly endless power transmission capabilities                                            
  • High quality, thermo-set polyurethane designed specifically for timing belt applications (Gates Synchro-Power®) or thermoplastic urethane for longer length belts (Flex)                                               
  • Available with either steel or aramid reinforcement                                              
  • Standard molded sleeves (Gates Synchro-Power®) or custom length belts available - up to 12.5 meters (Flex)                                                 
  • Nylon tooth surface option on Flex Belts for quieter operation

 Common Applications

  • Power Transmission                                               
  • High power, high performance conveying                                         
  • Harsh environment
    - Abrasion and chemical resistance                                           
  • Applications where cleanliness is critical

Urethane sleeve timing belts include:                                          

  • Higher abrasion resistance                                           
  • UV stabilizer additive                                           
  • Flexibility in both color and hardness

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Truly Endless Timing Belts

Double sided, truly endless, urethane timing belt
is used in the textile industry for fiber winding