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Custom Fabrication Capabilities
Custom Fabrication

Gates Mectrol can provide you with a wide range of base manufacturing modifications. But if your application requires more, we also provide a full range of secondary fabrication possibilities. 

Whether grinding edges and surfaces to tight tolerances, punching and machining holes and slots, or CNC machining of three dimensional contours, Gates Mectrol can provide a complete solution. 

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Product Features

  • Nearly unlimited customizing options           
  • Ground tolerances on nearly any dimension for extra precision           
  • Unusual shapes, contours and configurations           
  • Holes, slots, and any CNC machined shape in the belt surface           
  • Combination of primary tooling and secondary machining to achieve any design potential

Custom Fabrication of battery conveying belt
Battery conveying, custom ground
urethane belt holds and transports batteries.

Application Characteristics

Our Application Engineering staff is available at or 1-800-394-4844.

  • Vacuum conveying belts -machined tooth side and perforations           
  • Precision machined belts for precise movement of product           
  • Distinct product orientation and location for automated process steps ground urethane belt holds and transports batteries.

Squaring Machine uses custom belts
Squaring machine utilizes custom belts with precision ground thickness and width.

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