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Backings - Antistatic

If your product requires special handling on the production line, you may want to consider customized backings. We can produce virtually any of our timing belts with almost any combination of backing materials.


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Polyurethane Backing

Gates Mectrol urethane backings are available in several different varieties. Available in different durometers, with different coefficients of friction, urethane backings are the toughest and most durable backing material.

Polyurethane Backing

Rubber Backing

Feeding applications generally require extremely high friction. Rubber can provide this high friction, even while wet. Some rubber backings also offer antistatic properties, higher temperature ratings, and good chemical and abrasion resistance.

Rubber Backing

Foam Backing

Many applications require a combination of friction and the ability to conform to unusual product shapes. Gates Mectrol foam backings are available in different densities for various compliance, cushioning and friction surfaces.

Foam Backings

PVC Backing

Available with unusual surface patterns and characteristics, PVC backings offer a well bonded, economical solution with very good wear properties.

PVC Backing

Specialty Backing

Gates Mectrol can develop nearly any type of backing for unusual applications. Antistatic backing is an example.

Antistatic Backing 

Product Features

A customized backing can provide: 

  • A dramatic increase or decrease in the co-efficient of friction                         
  • Varying levels of cushioning and durability through material
    thickness and hardness selection     
  • Static conductivity                         
  • Various levels of chemical resistance                         
  • An ability to alter wear characteristics

Application Characteristics

  • High friction for feeding or separating applications                         
  • Low friction for light feed or accumulation requirements                         
  • Ability to conform to unusual product shapes                         
  • Combine friction with vacuum for ultimate grab

Foam Backing
A unique foam backing is used
to carefully grasp and transport
candles for cooling.

High Friction Backing at Work
In glass conveying applications the use of a specially constructed, high friction
backing allows for glass shards to be discharged from the belt.

Perform a wide variety of functions

Many applications require belts with unique surface characteristics. A wide variety of co-extruded as well as post-laminated backings are available solving your toughest application requirements. Specifications follow.

  • Special nylon fabric can be added to the belt back or tooth side during the manufacturing process.  This reduces the coefficient of friction for sliding surfaces or product accumulation                         
  • High friction surfaces              
  • A variety of materials can be added for vibration dampening              
  • An antistatic surface is available with a resistivity of less than 106 Ohms/Square

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