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Linear Belts
Rollstock - Gates Mectrol 

Linear timing belts provide the greatest degree of flexibility for both synchronous conveying and linear positioning applications.

Gates Mectrol manufactures linear timing belts in a variety of tooth pitch, length, and material combinations. This offering provides a wide range of possible configurations for your application.

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Imperial Pitch Belts   AT Pitch Belts 
T Pitch Belts   HTD® and STD Pitch Belts 

Product Features

  • Very high tensile strength and stiffness                                                     
  • Parallel cord construction
      - No cords exposed at edges of belt
      - Better tracking
      - Uniform tensioning                                                     
  • Tough polyurethane construction
      - Durable and cut resistant
      - Oil, chemical and water resistant
      - Non-marking                                                     
  • Steel or Kevlar® tension members                                                     
  • Choice of polymers including FDA grades                                                     
  • Nylon back and nylon tooth surface options available for quieter operation and reduced friction                                                     
  • Various molded profiles and backing materials available                                                      
  • Wide range of tooth profiles to meet your application requirements



Welded Endless Belts

Linear belt lengths are available in two styles — welded endless and open ended. Welded endless belts are ideal for low torque conveying applications. Open ended belts are typically used for motion control applications.

Spliced Belt

Endless belts of virtually any length can be produced utilizing a thermal welding process which joins the ends of the belt together.

Application Characteristics                      

Urethane timing belts are ideal for use in vertical and horizontal door applications. Durable and clean running, these belts provide quiet and positive motion for industrial, train, elevator, and automatic slide door applications.

  • High precision positioning or indexing                                                     
  • Synchronous conveying                                                     
  • High acceleration, deceleration or continuous high running speeds                                                     
  • Multiple belt, common shaft conveying                                                     
  • Customized belts to meet any application need
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Select the right Polyurethane Timing Belt for your Linear Positioning application.

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